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Standard Pages


By ordering an EUSalon page you will get a web site with the following pages created by us with our template material or yours if you have it ready. Either way you will have a working site in under 10 working days and the ability to add material as you go.

If you wish you can add unlimited pages to fit and organize your material in the most attractive way!

  • Home Page 
  • The Team - A page presenting your team, their abilities and expertise
  • Products - Here you can boast about the product lines you use
  • Services - A price list or a descriptive list of your services offered
  • Gallery - A collection of photo galleries to show off your work
  • Location - A Map pointing to your Salon location
  • About Us - What makes you so special
  • Contact us - All your contact details
  • Communication form - A form for visitors to communicate with you

Modules Included

You also get an extensive cataloque of Modules to add the necessary functionality to your site

  Text/Html editor
The most diverse module. This allows you  to add the text blocks yuo need, pictures, flash, tables and all the coomon tools found in word like Bold, font size, alignement, templates etc
  Photo Gallery
A beautifull gallery that automatically creates your albums and thumbnails by just selecting the folder you have your pictures in. In addition you can have all your pictures watermarked with your salon name, gallery withing Gallery and many more.

Add a calendar to your web site that not oly shows your upcoming events but also reminds your visitors just before they start and they can even send them directly to their outlook calendar
Create lists of links either to your site or even to external resources for visitors to visit
Add downloaded documents to your site through this specialized tool
Create commonly asked questions and answers using the FAQ's Module
Feedback is the module that creates your communication forms.

Visitors can register to your web site. This can be used to send them newsletters, or to have specific pages that are visible only to registered users

  Account Login
Your visitors, translators, administrators and you can login your site with their password and each can see what you  want them to see. 
A module that assists you in sending newsletters to registered users 


Also Included

But this is not all...

To have your web site up and running the way you want we added some cool extras tha make sure you get the most out of your site.

          Free Email address

          Training (Group)
          Group trainings are scheduled approximately once a month


          Visit Statistics

          Review your site visit statistics so you know where to give emphasys

          Unlimited addition of pages

          We do not limit you on the number of pages you need to add

          Unlimited addition of Galleries

        We do not limit the number of Galleries or other modules you need to add

          Expert Support

        Support team ready to help you out and answer your questions